EERC news
May 27, 2016
The 40th Anniversary Research Workshop was held in Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv May 21 - 22, 2016.
December 15, 2015
Your idea could be the next winner of the Global Development Awards Competition 2016. Every year, GDN awards up to $US 90,000 worth of grants to research proposals and innovative development projects as part of the Global Development Awards Competition. The deadline for submitting the proposals is 15 January, 2016.
December 02, 2015
Cеминар будет проводиться в КШЕ в Киеве 117-18 декабря 2015 года.
August 05, 2015
The unique KSE MBA program efficiently combines a comprehensive approach to a real-life case learning, analytical methods for decision-making and is specifically designed to educate a new generation of business leaders on how to make the most out of opportunities the global markets offer. KSE MBA combines high academic standards of top EU and US business schools with practical real-life cases from top employers of Ukraine which constitute an essential part of the program curriculum.
11th Research Workshop
Dec 15 `01
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Valeriy Marakulin Contracts and domination in financial (incomplete) markets 9:00 9:45 Richard Ericson Aleksey Kovalenko
Aleksandr Abolmassov Structural changes in Russian electricity market 9:45 10:30 Expert wasn't added Anna Mishura
Oleg Rytchkov Geographic concentration of industries: causes and consequences 11:00 11:45 Richard Ericson Alexander Muravyev
Konstantin Glushchenko Integration of the Russian market: empirical analysis 11:45 12:30 Stanislav Anatolyev Olga Balash
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Olga Kislitsyna Income inequality in Russia during transition: how can it be explained? 9:00 9:45 Reuben Gronau Olga Karyakina
Yury Andrienko Crime and development: do they go together? Evidence from international crime victim surveys 9:45 10:30 Michel Sollogoub Olga Kupets
Yakov Shchukin Returns to education: the role of occupational structure 11:00 11:45 Hartmut Lehmann Gleb Borisov
Irina Chernyshova Job reallocation and productivity growth in Ukraine 11:45 12:30 Rostislav Kapeliushnikov Anna Lukiyanova
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Georgy Kolodyazhny Russian stock market: participants and their strategies 9:00 9:45 Lucrezia Reichlin Ruben Gevorgyan
Mikhail Matovnikov Banking system operations during transition to monetary stability 9:45 10:30 Vladimir Popov Vladimir Balash
Aleksander Smirnov A model of debt dynamics in a transition economy 11:00 11:45 Victor M. Polterovich Georgy Kolodyazhny
Alexander Tsyplakov Constructing core inflation index for Russia 11:45 12:30 Michael Beenstock Olga Kryukovskaya
Dec 16 `01
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Vardan Markosyan Direct investment in transition economy: an application of the real options approach to the analysis of Armenian banking sector 9:00 9:45 Revol'd Entov Discussant wasn't added
Alexander Muravyev The value of the voting right in Russian companies 9:45 10:30 Mark Schaffer Nadezhda Ivanova
Andrei Rachinsky The corporate governance and market value of Russian firms 11:00 11:45 Revol'd Entov Aleksandr Abolmassov
Anna Mishura Analysis of sensitivity of industrial enterprises' input demand with respect to price changes 11:45 12:30 Evgenia Serova Valentin Melnik
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Anna Lukiyanova Transition to postindustrial society? A study of the service sector employment in Russia 9:00 9:45 Rostislav Kapeliushnikov Sergey Roshchin
Olga Karyakina Persistent poverty in Belarus: factors and policy implication 9:45 10:30 Klara Sabirianova Yury Andrienko
Alexander Varshavsky Differentiation of return to human capital and R&D labor reduction in regions of Russia in the period of transition 11:00 11:45 Michel Sollogoub Yakov Shchukin
Gleb Borisov Human capital heterogeneity and segmentation of the Russian labor market 11:45 12:30 John Earle Olga Kislitsyna
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Victor Shpringel An optimal interest rate policy in the case of speculative attack on government-controlled exchange rate 9:00 9:45 Vladimir Popov Aleksander Smirnov
Anna Vdovichenko Monetary policy rules and their application: the case of Russia 9:45 10:30 Stanislav Anatolyev Discussant wasn't added
Ruben Gevorgyan Missing data problem and the empirical yield curve analysis: an example of T-bills market in Armenia 11:00 11:45 Wojciech W. Charemza Valery Chernookiy
Valentina Lapo Spatial distribution of investment in Russia: the effect of agglomeration 11:45 12:30 Stanislav Anatolyev Konstantin Styrin
Dec 17 `01
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Olga Balash Spatial organization of the Russian bank market 9:00 9:45 Revol'd Entov Oleg Rytchkov
Valentin Melnik Strategic choice of trade policy instruments 9:45 10:30 Expert wasn't added Andrei Rachinsky
Aleksey Kovalenko Elaboration of economic and mathematical models of dispersed market and their applications 11:00 11:45 Richard Ericson Konstantin Glushchenko
Vadim Arkin Investment stimulation by a depreciation mechanism 11:45 12:30 Expert wasn't added Valeriy Marakulin
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Ivan Maryanchyk Market structure and performance in transition economies: Ukrainian case (cross-sectional analysis) 9:00 9:45 David Brown Olga Lazareva
Andrey Aistov On an increasing role of the personal subsistence farms in transitional Russia 9:45 10:30 Mark Schaffer Olga Kislitsyna
Irina Bezlepkina Liquidity vs. soft budget constraints: the case of farms in the Moscow region 11:00 11:45 David Brown Ivan Maryanchyk
Olga Lazareva Adjusting boundaries of Russian firms: how do they survive? 11:45 12:30 Mark Schaffer Discussant wasn't added
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Konstantin Styrin What explains differences in efficiency across Russian banks? 9:00 9:45 Wojciech W. Charemza Alexander Tsyplakov
Vladimir Balash Limited planning horizon and saving dynamics 9:45 10:30 Barry W. Ickes Valentina Lapo
Georgy Trofimov Regimes of long-run growth and economic integration 11:00 11:45 Victor M. Polterovich Victor Shpringel
Tigran Poghosyan Calculation of difference of interest rates on funds allocated and attracted by Armenian commercial banks (spread) and analysis of factors 11:45 12:30 Barry W. Ickes Mikhail Matovnikov