EERC news
May 27, 2016
The 40th Anniversary Research Workshop was held in Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv May 21 - 22, 2016.
December 15, 2015
Your idea could be the next winner of the Global Development Awards Competition 2016. Every year, GDN awards up to $US 90,000 worth of grants to research proposals and innovative development projects as part of the Global Development Awards Competition. The deadline for submitting the proposals is 15 January, 2016.
December 02, 2015
Cеминар будет проводиться в КШЕ в Киеве 117-18 декабря 2015 года.
August 05, 2015
The unique KSE MBA program efficiently combines a comprehensive approach to a real-life case learning, analytical methods for decision-making and is specifically designed to educate a new generation of business leaders on how to make the most out of opportunities the global markets offer. KSE MBA combines high academic standards of top EU and US business schools with practical real-life cases from top employers of Ukraine which constitute an essential part of the program curriculum.
22th Research Workshop
Jun 27 `07
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Umed Temurshoev Partial cross ownership, market power diagnosis, and tacit collusion estimation 9:30 10:15 Russell Pittman Discussant wasn't added
Ilona Sologoub Innovation and export performance of Ukrainian enterprises 10:15 11:00 David Brown Bogdana Grechaniuk
Bogdana Grechaniuk Firm Performance and Managerial Turnover: The Case of Ukraine 11:30 12:15 Mark Schaffer Maria Yudkevich
Maria Yudkevich Factors of research activity of university teaching staff: administration policy, contract incompleteness or environment impact? 12:15 13:00 Tom Coupe Umed Temurshoev
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Aleksandra Burdyak Young professionals on Russia labour market under on-going social changes 9:30 10:15 Ted Gerber Sergey Surkov
Sergey Surkov Gender Aspect of Inequality of Career Growth in Russia 10:15 11:00 Ted Gerber Olga Ketkina
Olga Ketkina Economic effects of foreign direct investment in financial sector 11:30 12:15 Vladimir Popov Nazim Habibov
Nazim Habibov Measuring and explaining dynamic of inequality in Azerbaijan during transition: 1995-2003 12:15 13:00 Tom Coupe Aleksandra Burdyak
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Andrii Oliinyk Lending Boom in Ukraine: driver of economic growth or causeof economic crisis? 9:30 10:15 Maksim Nikitin Maria Vyshnya
Andrey Lipin An effective foreign trade strategy for the Russian timber industry under the imperfect competition 10:15 11:00 Expert wasn't added Anna Lukiyanova
Maria Vyshnya Accumulation of tax arrears in Ukraine: liquidity problem or rent-seeking 11:30 12:15 Mark Schaffer Ulugbek Olimov
Ulugbek Olimov The effects of the real exchange rate volatility and misalignments on foreign trade flows in Uzbekistan 12:15 13:00 David Tarr Andrii Oliinyk
Jun 28 `07
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Sergey Kokovin Efficiency, over and underprovision in package pricing: diagnosis and price of regulation 9:00 9:45 Expert wasn't added Anush Hakobyan
Anush Hakobyan Stability of the banking system: efficiency and profit-structure analyses 9:45 10:30 Russell Pittman Oleksandr Shcherbakov
Oleksandr Shcherbakov Government regulation as collusion facilitating device: evidence from Ukrainian white sugar industry in 1993-2003 11:00 11:45 Richard Ericson Discussant wasn't added
George Berulava The impact of trust on transaction governance mode between manufacturers and distributors 11:45 12:30 David Brown Sergey Kokovin
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Irina Merkuryeva Targeting of disability benefits in Russia: system inefficiencies and individual behavior 9:00 9:45 Natalia Dinello Discussant wasn't added
Alexei Miksjuk Modeling and Analysis of the Interbank Market in Belarus 9:45 10:30 Victor M. Polterovich Karen Poghosyan
Karen Poghosyan Alternative inflation indicator for monetary policy: measuring, analyzing and forecasting 11:00 11:45 Maksim Nikitin Olena Bilan
Ara Stepanyan The Small Open Economy Model With Staggered Price Settings And Rational Expectations For Armenian Economy 11:45 12:30 Maksim Nikitin Discussant wasn't added
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Ziyodullo Parpiev Geography, non-trade barriers and trade in Central Asia 9:00 9:45 David Tarr Roman Moskalyk
Roman Moskalyk Impact of trade openness and technology transfers on growth: panel data investigation for transition economies 9:45 10:30 Oleksandr Skiba Serhiy Mykhaylychenko
Serhiy Mykhaylychenko Core inflation indicators and their applying for inflation analysis in Ukraine 11:00 11:45 Maksim Nikitin Alexei Zakharov
Alexei Zakharov Voter turnout in a spatial model of elections 11:45 12:30 Shlomo Weber Ziyodullo Parpiev
Jun 29 `07
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Pavel Pokrashenko The determinants of bank's performance in Russia 9:00 9:45 Mark Schaffer Discussant wasn't added
Olena Lukyanenko Modeling of tax-tariff reform consequences in Ukraine 9:45 10:30 Shlomo Weber Discussant wasn't added
Grigor Hayrapetyan Ukrainian Higher Educational Institutions Integration to the World Transnational Education Market 11:00 11:45 Shlomo Weber Ivan Poltavets
Ivan Poltavets Regional differences in productivity: agglomeration economies in the period of economic downfall in Ukraine 11:45 12:30 Judith Thornton Olena Lukyanenko
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Andrey Sirchenko Monetary policy rules in Hungary and Poland: a dynamic ordered probit approach 9:00 9:45 Michael Beenstock Elena Kotyrlo
Elena Kotyrlo Estimation of Interregional Differentials in Incomes. Influence of Government Compensations on Labor Supply in the Russian North 9:45 10:30 Expert wasn't added Ara Stepanyan
Olena Bilan Does monetary policy transmission in Ukraine go through interest rates? 11:00 12:15 Maksim Nikitin Irina Merkuryeva
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Ivan Maryanchyk Does It Pay to Win Elections: Explaining the Unexplained Gap In Budget Transfers 9:00 9:45 Expert wasn't added Andrey Lipin
Anna Lukiyanova Income Mobility in Russia (2000-2005) 9:45 10:30 Expert wasn't added Irina Kolesnikova