EERC news
May 27, 2016
The 40th Anniversary Research Workshop was held in Kyiv School of Economics, Kyiv May 21 - 22, 2016.
December 15, 2015
Your idea could be the next winner of the Global Development Awards Competition 2016. Every year, GDN awards up to $US 90,000 worth of grants to research proposals and innovative development projects as part of the Global Development Awards Competition. The deadline for submitting the proposals is 15 January, 2016.
December 02, 2015
Cеминар будет проводиться в КШЕ в Киеве 117-18 декабря 2015 года.
August 05, 2015
The unique KSE MBA program efficiently combines a comprehensive approach to a real-life case learning, analytical methods for decision-making and is specifically designed to educate a new generation of business leaders on how to make the most out of opportunities the global markets offer. KSE MBA combines high academic standards of top EU and US business schools with practical real-life cases from top employers of Ukraine which constitute an essential part of the program curriculum.
31st Research Workshop
Dec 17 `11
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Dmitry Knatko Institutional Barriers to Separation of Ownership and Control and their Influence: The Case of Russian SME's 10:00 10:45 Denys Nizalov Dmytro Goriunov
Olga Vasilyeva Do elections matter? Appointed vs. elected governors and their effect on public goods provision in Russia 10:45 11:30 Victor A. Ginsburgh Dmitry Knatko
Natal'ya Novikova Consumer price inflation in Ukraine in 2004-2010: error-correction model 12:00 12:45 Gary Krueger Olga Vasilyeva
Dmytro Goriunov Loan default prediction in Ukrainian banking system 12:45 13:30 Gary Krueger Natal'ya Novikova
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Ilya Prakhov The Unified State Examination and the Determinants of Academic Achievement: Does Investment in Pre-entry Coaching Matter? 10:00 10:45 Tom Coupe Elena Vakulenko
Nikita Suslov Social diversity, institutions and economic development: a cross country analysis 10:45 11:30 Michael Alexeev Ilya Prakhov
Maryia Akulava WHAT DETERMINES THE CHOICE OF BECOMING SELF-EMPLOYED IN BELARUS? 12:00 12:45 Olena Nizalova Aziz Atamanov
Elena Vakulenko The socioeconomic determinants of interregional migration flows in Russia 12:45 13:30 Michael Alexeev Discussant wasn't added
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Elena Permyakova Unemployment and Output Dynamics in CIS countries: Okun's law revisited 10:00 10:45 Diana Weinhold Anna Pestova
Karen Poghosyan DSGE model of open economy with sticky wages and prices (the case of Armenia)” 10:45 11:30 Oleksiy Kryvtsov Elena Permyakova
Daniiar Moldokanov Budget Deficit and Interest Rates Link. Evidence from Kyrgyzstan 12:00 12:45 Tigran Poghosyan Karen Poghosyan
Anna Pestova What was the key determinant of loan quality deterioration of Russian banks during the last crisis: macroeconomic conditions or risky business strategies? 12:45 13:30 Tigran Poghosyan Discussant wasn't added
Dec 18 `11
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Vadim Arkin Is it possible to compensate the unfavorable investment climate with tax benefits? 9:00 9:45 Denys Nizalov Alexander Sidorov
Dmytro Filchenko Socioeconomic Determinants of Mortality Problem in Ukraine: Regional Diversities 9:45 10:30 Victor A. Ginsburgh Discussant wasn't added
Alexander Sidorov Endogenous structure of cities: trade, commuting, communication (Is Moscow really “non-rubber”?) 11:00 11:45 Richard Ericson Dmytro Filchenko
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Andrey Aistov Is Education a Signal on the Russian Labour Market? 9:00 9:45 Tom Coupe Lilia Rodionova
Veronika Kirilenko Determinants of public schools’ performance. Does management matter? (on the example of secondary schools of Saint-Petersburg (Russia) 9:45 10:30 James Leitzel Discussant wasn't added
Lilia Rodionova What nationality has the wage got in Russia? 11:00 11:45 John Earle Discussant wasn't added
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Zviad Zedginidze Linking Macroeconomic Dynamics to Georgian Credit Portfolio Risk: Modeling with Visible and Hidden Factors 9:00 9:45 Tigran Poghosyan Roman Semko
Artem Vdovychenko Maximization the effectiveness of fiscal policy in the Ukraine in the context of its coordination with monetary policy 9:45 10:30 Oleksiy Kryvtsov Zviad Zedginidze
Andriy Popovych TAC, overexploitation and conservation in the Azov Sea fishery 11:00 11:45 Diana Weinhold Artem Vdovychenko
Roman Semko Optimal Economic Policy and Commodity Prices Shocks in Ukraine and Russian 11:45 12:30 Oleksiy Kryvtsov Discussant wasn't added
Dec 19 `11
Group A
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Natalia Zaderey Impact of Political Regime Shift on Stock Returns of Oligarch Firms 9:00 9:45 John Earle Igor Bykadorov
Aziz Atamanov Impact of international labor migration on crop income of rural households in Tajikistan 9:45 10:30 Oleksandr Shepotylo Natalia Zaderey
Igor Bykadorov Endogenous productivity and quality under monopolistic competition 11:00 11:45 Richard Ericson Nikita Suslov
Group B
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Nurmukhammad Yusupov Breastfeeding, Son Preference and Child Health: Evidence from Central Asia. 9:00 9:45 Olena Nizalova Anna Zagrebina
Ilona Sologoub Fertility determinants in Ukraine 9:45 10:30 Victor A. Ginsburgh Nurmukhammad Yusupov
Anna Zagrebina Energy and fuel poverty: the case of Russia 11:00 11:45 James Leitzel Ilona Sologoub
Group C
Applicant Title From To Expert Discussant
Yulia Vymyatnina Common economic area: is there an area for anything common in the economies concerned? 9:00 9:45 Natalya Volchkova Discussant wasn't added
Arevik Mkrtchyan Mutual Protectionism 9:45 10:30 Natalya Volchkova Yulia Vymyatnina
Andrei Viacherski Assessing the Current Account Sustainability: the Case of Belarus 11:00 11:45 Oleksandr Shepotylo Discussant wasn't added